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The Society of Food Engineering (SoFE) is happy to announce that the 16th Conference of Food Engineering will be held Sunday – Wednesday, August 25-28, 2024 in Seattle, Washington, USA.


Abstract submissions are now closed.  We have received over 300 abstracts and are planning an exciting program.

Contact for more information.


CoFE 24 Organization Committee Chair: Gustavo Barbosa-Cánovas

CoFE 24 Organization Committee Members:  Juming Tang, Shyam Sablani, Yanyun Zhao

SoFE Executive Committee Members: Kumar Mallikarjunan, Gönül Kaletunç, Sudhir Sastry, Rohan Tikekar

SoFE Members-at-Large:  Gustavo Barbosa-Cánovas, Dennis Heldman, Soojin Jun, Francesco Marra, Carmen Moraru, Kesavan Niranjan, Colm O’Donnell, Hosahalli Ramaswamy, Deepti Salvi, Oscar Vega-Castro, Yi-Cheng Wang

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