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Before Aug. 17
After Aug. 17
On Site
Member 550 650 750
Student 200 250 300
Nonmember 750 850 950
One day 250 300 350

No refunds after August 9, 2018

Register for CoFE 2018 Now!

If you are a current member of SoFE please Login prior to purchase, or have your login credentials handy, as current members will be prompted to login before the purchase is complete.

Registration for ConFoMA

ConFoMA registration is free for CoFE registrants, but will be $ 170 for ConFoMA registration only, which entitles the registrants to ConFoMA activities on September 8 and daytime on September 9 only.  To attend ConFoMA sessions within the CoFE 18 meeting, it will be necessary to register for CoFE 18.

To register for ConFoMA only, follow the link below

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