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Information for Potential Sponsors

After a two-year delay due to the pandemic, the Conference of Food Engineering 2022 (CoFE 22) will be held from September 18-21, 2022 in Raleigh, NC.  Historically, these conferences have been organized to provide engineers in the food industry, academia and government with an opportunity to share and discuss the latest research outcomes and developments. The conference has been scheduled during alternate years since 1991, and at various locations throughout the U.S. The participants include researchers from about 40 universities in the U.S., as well as researchers from Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa at the most recent 2-3 conferences.  Participation from the food industry has been encouraged at all previous conferences.

Following the success of CoFE 18, CoFE 22 will be organized by the Society of Food Engineering (SoFE) which is a nonprofit organization incorporated in the state of Ohio.   Contributions and sponsorships to the society are tax-deductible.  Details about SoFE and its history may be accessed at:

Attendance for CoFE is normally in the 150-225 range, including students from various university programs. Significant involvement from the food industry has come from a number of companies, large and small.  Sponsorships from a varied cross-section of food companies are anticipated for CoFE 22.

Sponsors will be provided with a variety of acknowledgments.  Three categories of sponsorship are available: ( )

Silver Sponsorship ($ 3,000) – one complimentary registration, and access to a table top for company/organization display materials. Sponsorship will be recognized in the conference program.

$3,000.00Add to cart

Gold Sponsorship ($ 5,000) – two complimentary registrations, and access to a table top for company/organization display materials. Sponsorship to be recognized in the conference program as well as in other displays.

$5,000.00Add to cart

Platinum Sponsorship ($ 10,000) – four complimentary registrations, and access to a table top for company/organization display materials. Sponsorship will be recognized in the conference program, displays, and during plenary sessions and banquet.

$10,000.00Add to cart

All sponsorship payments are tax-deductible, and are to be made to the Society of Food Engineering.  If interested in being a sponsor, please contact us at

Sponsor FAQs

How large is the conference? (what was last meeting’s # of attendees?)

At our previous meeting, CoFE 18 in Minneapolis, MN, we had an attendance of 222.   We are expecting 200 to 250 attendees at CoFE 2022.

What is the makeup of the attendees (academia vs. industry)?

We have academia, industry and government agencies (FDA, USDA) among attendees and speakers

How many sponsors does CoFE get in each category and how many from industry attend without sponsoring?  (would we be one of 3 sponsors, or one of 15)?

Based on prior experience, we expect to have 3-4 sponsors.  Prior sponsors have included Abbott Nutrition, Meijer, Formulaction,  Nestlé, McCormick, LJL Engineering, Sugar Creek and ConAgra.    We have numerous industry attendees, and some of them register without sponsoring.

Is there an opportunity to get resumes from the attendees, or will we need to do in person relationship building to see if this can be a feeder pool for recruiting?

Sponsors will get a table to exhibit items, so you can solicit resumes there.  During CoFE 18, we had a specially organized career fair for students, with industry panelists presenting and answering questions.

Can sponsors provide promotional materials at the conference (i.e. EAS or Curate bars, bags, pens, etc.)?

That would be welcome. We are planning to provide a folder or a bag for the conference. We can include your materials inside that or you can provide them on your exhibit table.

As part of the poster session, can we have a booth to share what our company does and play our engineering promo video?

It is a possibility, and may depend on how long your video is. We can show the video during lunch time or you can show them on your table top exhibit. We can discuss this further.

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