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CoNFoMa 2018



ConFoMA Symposium: Convergence of Nanotechnology and Food Manufacturing

We are pleased to announce that the ConFoMA 2018 symposium will be held partially concurrent with CoFE 2018.  ConFoMA will begin on September 8, also at the Graduate Hotel in Minneapolis, MN.  On September 9, ConFoMA will merge with CoFE 2018.   ConFoMA registration is free with CoFE 2018 registration. ConFoMA registration fee only (without CoFE) is $ 170, which entitles the registrants to ConFoMA activities on September 8 and daytime on September 9 only.  To attend ConFoMA sessions within the CoFE 18 meeting, it will be necessary to register for CoFE 18.

Click here to go to the ConFoMA web page.

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